High-Asset Divorce

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Many high-net-worth estates are comprised of complex assets such as business interests, long-term investments, partnerships, trusts, real estate holdings, stock options, private equity interests, deferred compensation, and executive level benefits. These complex estates often involve intricate debt structures, business interests requiring valuation and protection, and significant tax implications that should be addressed early in the divorce process. Successfully navigating these complexities demand specialized experience in handling such estates.

Lacy LaFour has extensive experience representing clients with complex marital estates. Our clients and their spouses include entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, financial executives, professional athletes, traders, and individuals with generational family estates.

Expert collaboration for complex marital estates

When dealing with complex marital estates in the context of divorce, issues often arise that require the expertise of independent professionals such as valuation experts, real estate appraisers, art appraisers, forensic accountants, or tax specialists. Over the years, Lacy has cultivated long-term and trusted relationships with some of the top experts serving clients in Texas. These professionals not only excel in their respective fields, but also possess extensive experience in applying their unique expertise to family law matters.

An initial step in our analysis of a client’s case is determining if the case needs or would benefit from an independent expert and, if so, in what specific areas. If it is necessary or beneficial to bring an expert onboard, we will swiftly assemble a strong and respected team around our client to ensure the client’s goals are met as efficiently and effectively.

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