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This May Be Your First Divorce. It’s Not Ours.

A divorce is often one of the most confusing and emotionally disruptive times in a person’s life, even when the decision to divorce is mutual.

During this difficult time, you need an advocate with the right knowledge and experience to effectively navigate the legal system in a way that delivers a safe passage and a positive start on a new chapter in life.

At LaFour Law Firm, P.C., we offer comprehensive family law services for those going through or contemplating a divorce. We provide candid advice, vigorous advocacy, and compassionate support for our clients whether the issues are related to your property, your children, or both.

Divorce Involving Children

When a divorce involves children, our clients benefit from an approach that is both passionate and compassionate. We guide parents through child custody and child support decisions.

We work diligently to prevent children from getting lost in or abused by the process. Our clients receive heartfelt advice and, when necessary, aggressive advocacy geared toward protecting the emotional safety and welfare of your children.

Property Division

Identifying, valuing, and dividing the property that has been accumulated during your marriage is a necessary part of the divorce process. We will work together to determine your goals and then implement a plan of action to obtain a favorable division of your marital property and debts.

High-Asset Divorce

LaFour Law Firm, P.C., has extensive experience in handling matters unique to the high-net-worth client and high net worth estate, including complex property division related to a divorce and much more.

For the client with a high net worth or complex property structure, we have the resources and experience to assist in the assessment and valuation of your estate. We understand the need for financial and business model confidentiality, and we navigate our clients through the process with this in mind.

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Whether you are contemplating filing for a divorce or if you are already involved in a divorce proceeding, LaFour Law Firm, P.C., will walk with you through the process and provide you with guidance, compassionate leadership, and protection.

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