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Turn to Our Team for Help with Sensitive Child Support Issues

Whether you are facing divorce or in a non-marital relationship that is dissolving, if you have children your main concern is their physical and emotional well-being.

We know that a legal dispute regarding your children is a stressful and scary situation. How you will maintain your lifestyle and meet the financial needs of your family is likely a major concern.

Working with an experienced attorney can help ease your anxiety and ensure the welfare of your children. Attorney Lacy LaFour at LaFour Law Firm, P.C., has more than a decade of Texas child support experience. In addition to ensuring you and your children are legally protected throughout the process, Lacy LaFour provides compassionate support.

What Is Child Support?

Child support is court-ordered payment from one parent to another intended to provide for the financial needs of a child following a divorce or separation.

A judge will review several factors to come up with a child support payment amount. These factors include:

A child support calculator can offer an idea as to how much will be owed, but there are circumstances that can affect child support.

Speaking with an established Texas child support attorney about your specific situation will give you the most clear idea of the support amount. Who will provide health care to the child or children is an issue that will need to be determined.

Helping You Navigate the Texas Child Support System

Exceptionally well-versed in the specifics of Texas law as they relate to child support obligations Ms. LaFour can help you navigate the system to better understand your rights and obligations in relation to these matters.

We can assist with many facets of Texas child support including:

  • Establishing the amount that will be paid or received
  • Creating plans that take into consideration any special needs
  • Modifying plans when a major life event has happened
  • Terminating child support payments when child is no longer eligible
  • Enforcing child support and past due payments

Ms. LaFour has extensive Texas child support experience and success in arguing for a favorable resolution for her clients.

Child Support Modifications

Child support payments can be modified as your situation changes. A marriage, significant change in a person’s health or job can affect the amount that is paid or received. It is important to communicate with the other parent and seek a modification instead of just not paying.

Failure To Pay Child Support

Failing to pay child support can mean the loss of a parent’s passport, driver’s, professional, and other licenses. Liens can also be placed on bank accounts or other income avenues. Parents who are in contempt are subject to fines and in some cases jail time. Ms. LaFour assists parents in every aspect of Texas child support issues.

Understand Your Options in Child Support Matters. Speak with Lacy LaFour.

Attorney LaFour will explain your options and rights as a parent. She will provide consistent and unwavering support for you during this stressful process. Call our Houston office at 713-369-5932 or connect with the firm via website email.

Ms. LaFour will work to secure a sustainable child support arrangement for you and your family.