Child Custody

Nothing is more important than family, and family law is all we do

At LaFour Law, we understand that there is nothing more important than your children. We also understand that a legal dispute regarding your children can be one of the most stressful and frightening situations you may ever face.

Managing parental conflict while fostering co-parenting harmony

We understand that many clients facing legal issues regarding their children desire a legal approach that seeks to avoid creating unnecessary parental conflict and stress in an already challenging situation. Although we cannot control the actions of the other parent or their lawyer, in those cases where fostering co-parenting harmony is our client’s goal, we work diligently to manage our client’s case in a way that safeguards the future co-parenting relationship. However, when such an approach is not warranted or desired, you can trust LaFour Law to act aggressively and decisively in the protection of the best interest of your children.

Comprehensive guidance for your child custody issues

A client’s stress and worry can be significantly reduced when they have a comprehensive understanding of their legal process, including options on how their co-parenting relationship can be structured, and how co-parenting and visitation might work on a day-to-day basis. While we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to child custody issues, understanding the basic components common to many parenting plans can help alleviate the fears of the unknown for parents navigating an unfamiliar process. You can trust LaFour Law to take the time to provide you with an ongoing understanding of all parts of the process.

Personalized child custody solutions

Our decades of experience in the child custody arena provides us with a wealth of creativity in crafting parenting plans tailored to various family situations. You can expect personalized time and our full attention and assistance in helping you to understand the options available for your unique situation, and to help you develop a custom parenting plan that maximizes your goals for your family after the legal process concludes.

You can rely on our unwavering commitment to you and your children

We take an approach to child-related matters that is both passionate and compassionate. You can count on us to always remember that even though your family structure may be changing, this is still your family, and nothing is more important to you. Our legal team will never create unnecessary issues in your matter, and we will not stand down when your family needs protection.

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