Divorce and family law


A contested divorce or custody dispute can bring you to your knees. LaFour Law Firm, P.C., provides compassionate guidance and strong representation for these emotionally and financially complex issues.

We handle the full range of family law matters, and our practice is uniquely equipped to help clients in complex, high-asset cases. Here is what you can expect when you work with us:

  • We are your advocates. First and foremost, we will fiercely protect your personal and financial interests and parental rights.
  • We are problem solvers. Our team finds a way forward even in the most complex and high-conflict cases.
  • We will get you through this. We provide moral support for the stressful times you face and will arm you with information and confidence to make good decisions and forge a new future.


You may be worried about losing your kids or losing everything you’ve worked for. It’s hard to think straight and make decisions when your life is in turmoil.

You can count on Lacy LaFour and her team for straight answers, sensible guidance, and strong representation for all facets of Texas family law:

  • Divorce and property division – We are known for our abilities in high net worth divorce. But even if your estate is less complex, you can benefit from our streamlined case management and creative strategies for a fair and practical division of marital property. We can address closely-held businesses, real estate holdings, stock options, and other complicating factors. We also negotiate or litigate alimony and short-term spousal support in applicable cases.
  • Custody and co-parenting – Nothing is more important than your children. We can advocate for you in contested custody proceedings, whether you are seeking primary custody or fighting to remain in your child’s life. We can help you negotiate fair and practical parenting plans that serve the best interests of your kids.
  • Post-divorce modifications – Parenting conflicts often arise after divorce. We handle parent relocation disputes, modifications of custody or parenting time, and enforcement actions when one parent is defying the custody agreement or failing to pay child support.
  • Child support – Although state formula drives child support, we can address deviations for special needs children or incomes above the Texas guidelines. Our firm also represents either parent in petitions to modify or terminate child support.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements – A pre- or post-marital agreement can streamline divorce proceedings and avoid costly litigation if the marriage eventually ends. We draft and review these documents to ensure they are thorough, fair, and enforceable.


Lacy LaFour has earned praise from clients and numerous accolades from her legal peers for high-quality representation and superior service. We want you to feel valued and protected when you are trusting us with your future and the intimate details of your life.

Arrange a consultation to explore our services and determine whether LaFour Law Firm, P.C., is right for you. We serve the Houston area and surrounding counties of Texas. Call 713-369-5932 or contact us online.