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3 ways to help your children through the holidays post-divorce

The first holiday season after their parents split up is hard on children. It’s up to the parents to ensure the children have what they need to thrive despite the change in circumstances. 

One of the best things parents can do this holiday season is to put the needs of their children first. This involves having respectful communication with each other and supporting the children. 

1. Set traditions now

The children can help you set new traditions so they have things to look forward to. These can be simple things, such as looking at holiday lights and having hot cocoa. Try not to overschedule the holiday activities because that can be stressful for everyone involved. 

2. Adjust the schedule as necessary

Holiday festivities and gatherings are a time to make memories with the children. If family members from out of town are coming in or if one side of the child’s family has special gatherings, both parents should be willing to adjust the parenting time schedule to accommodate those.

3. Never focus on material goods

The focus shouldn’t ever be on the material goods the children get for the holiday. Instead, focus on the experiences and memories. Consider letting the children bring their gifts back and forth between homes so they can thoroughly enjoy them. 

The parenting plan establishes the guidelines for things related to the children. Making sure it’s in order can reduce the chance that issues will creep up. Work with someone familiar with these matters who can help you to find creative ways to address your situation.