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Conduct that might impact your Texas child possession order

No parent wants their actions to cause their children emotional suffering, but it happens more often than most people believe. You may strive to keep the well-being of your kids a high priority, but it is easy to fall into poor habits when adjusting to your child possession order. 

The conduct discussed in the sections below can harm your children psychologically. Such behaviors may also impact your custody rights if they become chronic or habitual.

Changing your plan

When a family court judge gives you child custody instructions, you receive a legally binding court order. It may harm the stability of your children if you change the arrangements, especially without your co-parent’s cooperation. A few agreed-upon minor alterations are usually okay, but avoid making major changes that impact your kids.

Putting kids in the middle

You might think there is no harm in sending an occasional message to your co-parent through your children, but judges and child experts disagree. If such activities become habitual–as they sometimes do–it may compromise your child possession order. 

Involving romantic partners

Avoid bringing your boyfriend or girlfriend along during transition days if you have a new romantic interest. Parents should also avoid sending a new partner to pick up or drop off their children when it’s time to swap custody. Everyone (especially your kids) needs ample time to adjust to post-divorce life before involving new romantic partners.

If your current child possession order has failed and does not meet the child’s needs, you can file a petition to modify your arrangements. A legal approach protects your children while ensuring you remain compliant with Texas child possession orders.