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3 ways to make visits with your child memory-making events

One of the problems that parents face when they’re going through a divorce is figuring out when their children will spend time with both parents. In many cases, one parent will have a shorter time with the children than the other parent. 

Regardless of how much time you have with your children, making the most of your time together is important. Consider these three tips to help you make memories with your children while you’re with them.

1. Don’t plan too many activities

Children can become overwhelmed if they’re trying to do too much. There are a lot of fun activities you can do with your child, but don’t try to schedule a bunch all at once. Leaving downtime gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy a bit of peace.

2. Focus on the children

Try not to let other things interfere with your time with the children. While there might be some other responsibilities that creep up, make sure the children remain your focus while they’re with you.

3. Remain flexible

Even the best-laid plans might have to change sometimes. Instead of focusing on the difficulties these changes cause, focus on the fact that you’re spending time with your children. The kids will likely be able to remain calmer and enjoy things more if they’re relaxed. 

Making sure you have the parenting plan in order quickly after the divorce is important because it sets the expectations and rules for raising the children. This can sometimes take finding creative solutions for problems that creep up. Experienced legal guidance can help you get the parenting plan your family actually needs.