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How to be there for your child after a divorce 

Divorce means you and your spouse no longer have to see each other every day. That is typically a positive thing in such situations. Yet, if you are a parent, it might also mean you no longer get to see your child every day.

If your child is to live with their other parent most or all of the time, you may wonder how you can still provide them with the support and love they need. Here are some ways you can be the parent they need (even when you’re apart):

Use technology to talk to them

You might not be able to see them every day, but you can talk to them via phone, video call or messages. Kids spend half their life talking to friends who are not physically next to them, so it may be less strange for them than for you.

Try to get along with your ex

You don’t have to be best friends, but you have a job to do together. Your child will find your separation hard enough without having to cope with constant tension between you or hearing you bad-mouthing each other.

Try to stay close

You could move across the country for that new job or to get as far away as possible from your ex. Yet doing so will limit opportunities to see your child, attend their school play or help out when their other parent is ill. Being available makes it more likely you get to spend more time with your child, especially as they become older and are freer to make their own choices about when to see you.

Above all, get legal help to create a custody and visitation agreement that works for you and your child.