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Talking about a prenup with your significant other

Bringing up talks of a  prenup with your partner can be difficult or uncomfortable. You do not want to spark a fight or create hard feelings. Yet, at the same time, you want to be prepared for any eventuality.

Talking about a prenup doesn’t have to be problematic. You just need the right approach.

Timing is of the essence

You do not want to catch your partner off-guard by suddenly bringing up the discussion. Instead, wait for the perfect time and environment, preferably when discussing your future plans together. Advisably, do not bring up such emotional talks in the middle of an argument since your actions may be misinterpreted.

Provide reassurance

Explain to your spouse the importance of a prenup and reassure them it is not that you expect a divorce. Listen and address their concerns or any objections they may have about everything. The discussions can stretch for some time, but you should be patient – because this has to be a joint decision.

Be honest about why you want the prenup

Be forthcoming with the truth as to why you are asking for a prenup. Maybe you have been married before and had a difficult divorce, or your parents had a long and expensive legal battle after separating. Once your partner understands why it matters to you, they may be against the idea.

Getting everything right

A binding prenup must meet the necessary legal thresholds to be effective. For instance, if the terms are unfair or punitive to one party, or if there were bad faith practices during its creation, your prenup may not be enforceable.

To make the most out of the prenup, you ought to ensure that the final document you end up with will protect your interests years down the line.