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How to talk to your child about divorce

You and your spouse may have recently considered getting a divorce – a mutual decision for the better of your future. While talking to your spouse, you each realized you would have to talk to your child about what is happening. You don’t want to upset your child, so you considered putting off the divorce.

You shouldn’t have to hold off on a better future because you don’t know how your children will respond to your divorce. When talking to your child, you may consider a few helpful insights. Here’s what you should know:

Make it a “family” talk

Your child still considers you both their parents even if you and your spouse are no longer together. That’s why talking to your child as a family may help create a situation where your child is better understood. When you talk to your child:

  • Plan a time that makes sense for the situation. Your child may be uncomfortable if a talk is just before school or bed.
  • Tell the truth – but not the full truth. Your child may worry your divorce is because of them. You don’t need to discuss any dirty details about the divorce, but you may need to reassure your child as to why the divorce is happening.
  • Talk about the changes after divorce. Your child may not go to the same school or they may be seeing one parent on the weekend. These are the things your child may need to know:
  • Listen to your child. They’ll most likely have lots of questions. Of course, if your child is too young to form full sentences, the dialogue of your divorce may be easier to discuss. 

Divorce will change a lot of things in everyone’s life, and knowing just how to prepare for your divorce may benefit you and your child the most.