Divorce And Family Law Attorney

Children may feel grief during divorce

Divorce is a fact of life for many families around the world. It affects everyone differently, so you must be sure that you’re paying close attention to how it’s impacting the children. In some cases, they may grieve the loss of the family structure they were accustomed to.

One of the most important things that you can do during the divorce and after is to normalize having a variety of emotions, including grief and other uncomfortable ones. When children know that they won’t be looked down upon for how they feel, they may handle the situation better.

Show them you’re a team

Children who learn of their parents’ divorce may worry that they’ll lose out on the support and love of one parent. If you and your ex can work together to show them that they will continue to have both parents, they may not feel the grief as intensely. You can start this off by coming together to tell the children at the same time.

Keep conflict at bay

There will be disagreements between you and your ex, but you can’t let those come to a head in front of the children. Instead, discuss contentious matters in private so you can work calmly on a solution and keep up the united front before the kids.

It’s easy to become so focused on the divorce that you don’t pay attention to things that aren’t directly related to it. If you have children, make sure that you’re getting everything set up for their success. The terms of the parenting plan can help them to have the stability they need during this time of great change. Because you can modify the terms of this in the future, you should set it up so that it meets their needs now.