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Parenting decisions: When should you consult your co-parent?

Co-parenting is a team effort. It means that every partner’s contribution to the child’s life should be equal and consistent. Important decisions surrounding the child’s life need the involvement of both parents. However, things can get vague when differentiating between major and minor decisions.

If a decision has the potential of leaving an impact on the child or will have profound and lasting effects on them, you need to consult your co-parent. Below are such decisions.


Where your children go to school matters, and both parents should have a say on that. If you are thinking of changing the schools your children attend, you should consult with your co-parent beforehand since it is an important aspect of their lives.

Planned medical or dental treatment

Both parents need to be aware and agree to medical procedures involving the child. Unless in cases of emergencies, healthcare institutions will likely ask for your co-parent’s consent before conducting surgery on a minor. Therefore, it is necessary to engage with your co-parent so you can both be on the same page.

Traveling abroad

Some parents may be skeptical about their children traveling abroad, maybe due to safety reasons. It is advisable to involve your co-parent in any travel plans, even before making reservations. You don’t want to be accused of parental kidnapping while on an extended vacation. You also need to show the other parent’s permission at the airport to travel abroad.

Observe the custody orders

Refer to your custody orders to prevent legal issues with your co-parent. Will your actions prevent the other parent from seeing the children as specified in the custody agreement? Are they in the best interest of the children? It is crucial to carefully evaluate any decisions regarding the children to ensure you are not in violation of court orders.