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3 tips for working out a parenting plan

Working through a child custody case isn’t always easy, but parents who can work together often have a much easier time parenting as a team. It’s imperative that you get the terms of the child custody case set as early as possible after you split up.

For many parents, coming up with the terms of a parenting plan is done through a series of negotiations. This enables them to consider what’s best for their children. While they do this, they must ensure that they follow some basic rules so that they can stay on track.

Leave the past alone

The past shouldn’t play a part in the child custody matter unless there was abuse occurring. Your focus at this stage in the custody case should be only how both parents can support and help raise the children. Leaving the past alone can help you to focus on the children. 

Be concise when making rules

Make sure that the rules you propose and accept can’t be misconstrued. It’s important that the parenting plan is clear and concise so that everyone knows what to expect. 

Plan for conflicts before they happen

While you’re coming up with the terms, consider adding in information about how you will handle conflicts — because conflicts are inevitable. If you have an agreement about how you’ll communicate about problems and what steps you’ll take to resolve them before heading back to court, that’s always wise.

Any parent who’s working through child custody negotiations should ensure that they’re thinking about what the child needs now. This can help them to set up a parenting plan that’s suitable for the child. It’s possible to modify the plan in the future if that becomes necessary. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases is beneficial since they can help you to learn about the options you have available and assist you in determining how each will impact you.