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3 reasons to stay off of Facebook during your divorce

For many social media users, it just feels natural to make a post about anything big that’s going on in your life. If you file for divorce or if your spouse does, that is definitely serious enough to warrant a post, in your opinion. It may also be a way that you vent or something that you do after a few drinks.

However, the truth is that it’s usually better to stay off of social media sites like Facebook when you’re getting a divorce. You can still use the sites, of course, but you want to refrain from posting about your specific situation. Below are a few reasons why.

Your posts could end up in court

If you’re involved in a contentious divorce, the truth is that the things you post online may show back up during your court case. If you’re trying to prove that you’re a good parent and you have questionable posts that paint your parenting skills in a poor light, for instance, then your spouse may bring those to court to show that you should not get custody.

You may get poor advice

The people who comment on a Facebook post about a divorce generally want to offer some sort of help, advice, or support. However, you need to be wary about getting advice from people who are not professionals and have no actual experience in this area. They may mean well, but they could accidentally spread myths or give you advice that hurts your position.

It may violate a no-contact order

If part of the divorce process means that your spouse has a no-contact order taken out against you, contacting them on Facebook in any way will break that order, in most cases. Even something as simple as poking them or posting a picture of them may count. You do not want to make your situation worse just by the way that you use social media.

Exploring your options

Instead of posting about your divorce online, spend that time investigating all of the legal options that you have so that you can fight for your rights and seek the future that you deserve.