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Is it best for kids to live with both parents?

Child custody used to mean that Mom would get the kids most of the time, while Dad paid child support and saw them on the weekends. The reason for this was usually that courts felt like mothers were better parents, more able to be nurturing and helpful. 

Also, this was in an era when men generally worked and women did not, so it just made sense for the kids to live with the at-home parent and get financial support from the working parent. 

Things have certainly changed

This has all changed on numerous levels over the years. For one thing, studies have found that children are actually best off developmentally when they see both parents, not just one. This means fathers need to be more involved and it’s actually in a child’s best interests not to live with Mom all the time. This has led to an increase in joint custody rulings that split things up a bit more evenly, if not offering 100% equal time. 

Additionally, working situations have changed and women are now very involved in the workforce. This means they can help support the kids and that they have important careers and schedules to balance. Splitting up time allows them to work and focus on their own lives, not just on raising the kids. 

What are your rights?

Wondering about your rights as a parent under these new divorce trends? Make sure you know what legal options you have and how to secure time with your child. It may help to have experienced assistance if you run into any issues.