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Guidance for those wishing to modify Texas child custody orders

When parents get a divorce in Houston, Texas, they will either make agreements or receive court orders regarding child custody matters, including both possession and access to the children.

While your agreement or court orders are legally binding, it is possible in certain situations to modify a child custody order once your divorce is over.

When can you seek custody modifications?

Although you cannot modify a child custody order for frivolous reasons, Texas family courts will consider requests when they are necessary. One or even both parents (or the child) must have experienced a significant change in circumstances to get approval for modifications. A few examples of changing circumstances include the following:

  • A parent’s work schedule changes significantly
  • A parent needs to move to another town or state
  • A parent becomes incapacitated from injury or illness
  • A parent suffers from alcohol or drug abuse
  • A parent fails to follow the court’s orders regarding the children
  • A parent suffers from a mental illness

Since preserving the child’s health and welfare are primary concerns for family courts, many judges grant custody modifications if they are in the child’s best interests. Unfortunately, there are times when modification requests fail, even when parents feel the changes are crucial. 

Most residents are not lawyers and do not know how to file for custody modifications successfully. However, when your and your child’s welfare is at stake, a legal advocate can guide you through this process, potentially increasing the odds of court approval.

We encourage you to learn as much as possible about child custody modifications. Please, continue reviewing our blog and website content to expand your knowledge of Texas child custody laws.