Divorce And Family Law Attorney

How do you know when it’s time to divorce?

People often think that they should stay in a marriage so the children have both parents in the home. What they might not realize is that children and adults can suffer from mental health issues because of the constant strife that comes when a marriage is on the rocks.

There comes a point when splitting up is the healthiest thing you can do. Here are some signs that you’re there:

Constant negative interactions

The positive interactions you have in the marriage should greatly outweigh the negative ones. Once the negative ones start to become more prevalent than the positives, it’s a sign that you might need to consider divorce, especially if you’re unhappy. 

Emotional exhaustion and unhappiness

One of the most important things to realize is that you deserve to be happy. Nobody deserves to feel emotionally exhausted all the time. If you’ve reached the point where you’re unhappy more than happy and you’re constantly mentally drained around your spouse, it might be a sign that you should consider a divorce. 

It might be possible to work through some of the issues with the help of a marriage therapist but be sure that you really want the marriage to last before you try that route.

Unfaithfulness, even if it’s not physical

Some people focus on physical affairs when they think about reasons to end their marriage. Emotional affairs are just as damaging to a relationship, however, and can sometimes cause even greater harm to a marriage. For many, any type of affair is enough reason to file for divorce.

If you’re thinking of ending your marriage, contact your attorney to find out what steps you can take to protect your interests. It’s best to do this as early in the process as possible so you can review the options and make a plan.