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What is forensic accounting and how can it impact high net worth divorces in Texas?

Merriam Webster defines the term “forensic” as “relating to or dealing with the application of scientific knowledge to legal problems”. A Forensic Accountant is often retained to analyze, interpret, summarize and present complex financial and business related issues. Forensic Accountants can be engaged in public practice or employed by insurance companies, banks, police forces, government agencies and other organizations. Forensic accountants integrate investigative, auditing, and accounting skills. A forensic accountant is used to review data in a critical manner in order to identify patterns of suspicious behavior. An experienced forensic accountant does not solely rely on statistical probabilities but instead turns to experience in similar situations, instinct, and practiced problem solving.

Do you have a significant amount of property and assets at stake in your divorce in Texas?  If so, then you may have more to lose during the divorce.  Clients with a high net worth have more at stake when dividing up property and determining asset splits.  Are you worried about the outcome of the case and your finances?  If so, you should aggressively seek out legal protection in the form of a expert attorney with solid experience advocating for clients in high net worth divorce proceedings.  That ensures that you can obtain a favorable outcome in your case.  One of the priorities in any divorce is to untangle finances.  But be cautious because these types of decisions can affect you all the way to retirement.  Consulting a high net worth divorce attorney who can bring in a knowledgeable forensic accountant to work on your complex case is a huge advantage as you begin your legal battles. There are some tips you can follow to make sure you are prepared in any scenario of a divorce: have access to your own funds, make copies of important documents, understand the basics of property division.

It is highly encouraged for high net worth divorce parties to aggressively seek out and invest in an experienced high net worth attorney who can bring to bear a formidable forensic accountant.  Don’t let your former spouse gain any more time to hide information from you. The sooner you hire your expert divorce attorney, the more money, time, and and sanity you’ll save in the long run. During divorce proceedings, you want a forensic accountant familiar with legal concepts and procedures who will work hand-in-hand with your lawyer.  This forensic accountant will be an experienced hand in assisting with legal proceedings, including testifying in court as an expert witness and preparing visual aids to support trial evidence.

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