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Lacy has expanded her practice to include mediation services. You may schedule your mediation online, via email, or by contacting our office directly.

Lacy LaFour

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Family Law

Your family law crisis may rattle your confidence. Not ours.

At LaFour Law, we provide clients with direct and honest legal advice and high-quality legal representation designed to get clients what they deserve.

We handle all types of family law matters, but we are of most help with complex matters.

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High-asset Divorce

Divorce often involves significant financial implications. Beyond the obvious financial issues like the family home and personal bank accounts, high-asset divorces frequently require careful consideration of more complex assets such as business entities, partnerships, trusts, executive benefit packages, or other long-term investments. In these situations, it is crucial to consider both the short-term and long-term implications and tax consequences when disentangling these assets.

LaFour Law has extensive experience in handling complex marital estates. We will proactively safeguard your financial interests by providing you with case analysis and an education on the range of options and potential outcomes for your unique estate. We will then assemble a dedicated team around you to effectuate your goals and efficiently address any issues that may arise.

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Nothing is more important than your children

If you are a parent navigating separation, divorce, or a child custody dispute, we understand that you may feel anxious and overwhelmed. At LaFour Law, we approach child custody issues with both compassion and dedication.

We are experienced in handling matters involving child custody and support issues, visitation issues, and modifications of orders. You can trust us to be unwavering in our commitment to protecting your child’s best interest.